Why Do I Need An Exit Clean?

Many renters feel they can carry out an exit clean or end of tenancy cleaning without the need for a cleaning company.

While this is perfectly fine in some cases, it may not apply for all properties. Handling the entire process of moving out and cleaning can be challenging, and this is where the professionals come in handy.

What are the key benefits of an exit clean, and why should you hire a professional to do the job? Here are four essential reasons.

Get Your Full Bond Back

One reason why you need an exit clean is to secure your deposit in full.

A professional move out cleaner ensures that all areas of the property are clean, reducing the chances of your landlord calling you back to clean the property again or withholding a part or all of your deposit money.

Chances are you will need the money to settle in at your new address, so you should not jeopardise getting your bond back.

Save Time And Money

You may think that hiring a professional cleaning company to clean the property you are vacating is a waste of money, but you could not be more wrong.

Cleaning companies save you time and money because they get the job done without any hiccups.

They will know which cleaning products to use, research on how to clean unusual surfaces, inspect the property before they hand the job over, and carry all the cost of the equipment and specialised cleaning materials.

All this leaves you free to concentrate on moving and settling in at your new property.

Remove Tough Stains And Set-In Grime

Not only does an exit clean leave the property brand spanking new, but it also deals with hard-to-remove stains and grime that a regular cleaning job cannot handle.

Professional cleaning removes grease, carpet stains, mould, and any other hard stains after the initial cleanup. This all-in-one-package offers a superior and thorough cleaning that even the landlord will be happy about, which leads us to the next benefit.

Maintain Good Relations

If you clean the landlord’s property to perfection, they will undeniably be satisfied and give you excellent references going forward.

Additionally, you get to move on with integrity and peace of mind. You will be free of any worry that your previous landlord will call you later, demanding that you come back and redo the job.

Final Thoughts

An exit clean is one of the essential aspects of tenancy. Not only will it help you get your deposit back and give the landlord back their property in mint condition, but it also saves you valuable time and money.

If the property is not up to standard, you could risk forfeiting all or part of your bond money, opening you up to unnecessary tussles with your landlord or property manager. End of tenancy cleaning companies save you from these inconveniences.

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