It might be hard to believe, but moving doesn’t have to be stressful. The smarter you work, the less painful the project will become, saving you time and money along the way. Help yourself by following these simple tips for making your big move a smooth one.

Don’t Be Afraid To Throw Out The Clutter

A new home offers you a fresh start.

A new home offers you a fresh start. With that top of mind when you’re taking care of your end-of-lease cleaning, you can be downsizing as you go. Take a good hard look at your possessions, and don’t be afraid to throw out old pieces of junk that you don’t use but are taking up valuable space. The fewer things you have to move, the easier it will be to pack up and unload.

Use Hacks

There are plenty of ways to keep your home clean leading up to moving. For example, avoid trouble with your landlord by using white toothpaste to fill any little nicks and holes in the walls. Another simple trick is to twist a rubber band around your hammer when you’re pulling out nails or taking down picture frames to prevent any dents.

A less common hack is to use bread to pick up any stray pieces of glass that you may have to clean up, thus keeping you safer and saving you time along the way. The less mess you leave, the more likely you are to have a successful move.

Designate A Suitcase For Your Most Essential Items

Pack all of your essentials in an easy-to-access suitcase during the move.

You don’t want to lose track of your most essential items, but it can be easy to do when you get caught up in the hustle and bustle of moving. In advance of the craziness, be sure to pack all of your essentials in an easy-to-access suitcase or bag and keep them in a safe place where you can reach them throughout the ordeal. You don’t want to be searching for your toothbrush or contact solution when a million other things are going on.

Start The Cleaning Process Sooner

Bond cleaning can seem like an impossible challenge. That’s why it’s never too early to start tidying up before a big move. By keeping your home clean, you are in good shape when it finally comes time to start packing up your belongings. Write out a list of the things you want to accomplish each day and tackle the entire move little by little. Ultimately, domestic cleaning can be much simpler when it is done one room at a time.

Be Prepared For Your Moving Help

The last thing you want to happen is to have your movers show up at your house and not be ready for them. Even if it’s just your friends or family who are helping you move, you don’t want to waste anybody’s time – especially when they’re doing you a favour. Avoid this situation by labeling and stacking boxes near the exits, so they are easy to grab to carry. Make sure you don’t have dirty dishes or laundry lying around either. By keeping your home tidy, you’re able to focus on the more crucial tasks at hand. When it’s all said and done, be sure to show your appreciation to those who helped you. A simple tip, appreciation card, or dinner can go a long way.

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